Business Personal Property (inventory)

Business Personal Property is a property that is used to generate income. For example, if you own a store, restaurant, office, etc,. this could include merchandise, registers, fixtures and furniture, computers, etc.


  • Inventory for sale supplies
  • Office warehouse machines, equipment, and systems
  • PBX system, telephone fax
  • Computer and Computer mainframes
  • Office furniture and Fixtures
  • Vehicles
  • Manufacturing, machinery, processing and distributing, mining, etc

We provide

  1. Preparation and filing of required rendition with the appraisal district in a TIMELY manner
  2. Collection of proper information and pictures from the owner to prepare proper rendition
  3. Filing appeals to value and get fair value.
  4. Represent owners at all hearings and settlement negotiations

Business property owners must render their business personal property (inventory) if it valued at more than $ 500. We are always up-to-date on your county’s depreciation schedules and will protest your taxes until they are fair.

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