Who are we

SIDDIQI AND ASSOCIATES is a result-oriented company focusing on its clients needs.We specialize in saving property owners time and money.You will enjoy major portion of tax savings as our rates are very competitive. Save your time and money by hiring our professionals. We represent property owners before appraisal district to help minimize their property tax bill. Our team of Property Tax Consultants, Realtor & Attorney are committed to saving you money for obtaining the lowest possible value on your commercial, residential or business personal property.We accomplish this by filing protests, attending valuation hearings,filing rendition and checking for missing exemption.
Aggressive & Competitive Reduction: Even if you're paying lower fees to other; our reduction leads to more savings in tax dollars. We achieve a higher percentage reduction than other consultants
We have the expertise and manpower to help you lower your taxes by analyzing your property's appropriate value using one or more of the accepted approaches in establishing value, and maneuver smoothly through ALL STEPS in tax appeal process.
Act now for Guaranteed Results
We prepare BEST protests and attend all the hearings at appraisal districts.

Key Factors.

Contact us through our website, phone, or regular mail, and provide us with a list of your property addresses
Once we have completed our review of your properties, we will give you our opinion if you were fairly assessed or we would recommend an appeal. If we recommend you a tax appeal, we will advise you on a date when we think is the best time to do it and send you Letter of Authorization and our agreement for your signature.
Siddiqi & Associates attends the hearings and holds the appeals on your behalf. Approximately 30 to 60 days after that, we receive the results We then calculate the savings and present you with a Savings Analysis showing you just how much you have saved. Along with the Savings Analysis, we provide a recommendation whether to appeal further to the second level.

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