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  • AUTHORIZATION Siddiqi and Associate will provide documentation of tax savings. The owner is to forward all copies of correspondence received from the appraisal district, the appointment of agent form and all requested information necessary to represent and get best possible results. Siddiqi and Associates liability for any action or inaction is limited to the amount of fee paid under this agreement. Siddiqi and Associates has authority to review, analyze existing assessment, file Protest, Rendition and obtain available exemptions ,request refunds for previous year tax overpayments resulting for any reason and represent account before appraisal district.

    ARB FEE AGREEMENT: Siddiqi and Associates fee is a percentage of tax savings on this website "fee structure" of Tax Savings for the current year and recovered tax overpayments from previous years. which is defined as the difference between the proposed market value and the final market value (without regard to any exemptions) times the latest known tax rate. If the [property is sold during the current protest year, the full amount is due irrespective of the date of sale. This agreement does not include an appeal to the district court, binding arbitration and irrevocable for the current year and shall remain in effect unless revoked in writing via certified mail by February 1st of subsequent years. All fees are due upon receipt of invoice and become delinquent after 15 days and incur 1.5% interest per month. THERE IS NO FEE IF WE ARE UNABLE TO GENERATE TAX SAVINGS.
  • We prepare BEST PROTESTS and go all the way to get you the best results. Appoint us and RELAX. You don't need to attend any hearings. We will give you results at the end of the hearings. Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations, PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711, 1 800 803 9202, 512 463 6599, www license,state.tx/complaints


Dr.Shoaib Siddiqi

Licensed Property Tax Consultant
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