What is difference between market value and my appraised value ?

The market value of a property is the amount that district believes your property could sell on 1st of January on open market.The appraised value is after exemption or with cap value,if you have a exemption.This means that even if your market value increases,your appraised value can only increase by 10% because of cap.

What type of clients gets best results ?

Clients who help us to help themselves by timely signing paperwork and sending us supporting documents like HUD, Estimates, Appraisals, P and I statements and dated pictures for all Deferred Maintenance Items, Rent Rolls and Citations etc etc…

What happens once I sign representation agreement ?

When we receive your agreement,we will file your protest and handle your hearing.We will send you property survey form.Once you fill them out,you can sit back,relax and get results after hearing.

What about business personal property,inventory ?

Business personal property is tangible assets held or used for production of income.Examples of assets are furniture,fixture,machinery & equipment,computer and inventory.These assets must be reported yearly to appraisal district in the form of rendition by April 1 of every year. Siddiqi & Associates prepares and files rendition on a flat fee basis.Failing to file rendition in a timely manner results in 10% penalty.Allowing us to file timely rendition saves you money.

What is uniform and equal analysis ?

A uniform and equal analysis compares the appraisal value of the subject property to the value of reasonable number of comparable properties to see if the subject property is being taxed unequally.

How does U & E analysis help ?

The Texas law requires that taxation be “equal & uniform”. If a property is taxed unequally,the tax payer is entitled for a reduction-even if that reduces a property,s appraisal value below its true market value. This means even if your property is worth more than its appraisal value,you may still get reduction under U & E analysis.

What is uniform and equal analysis ?

A uniform and equal analysis compares the appraisal value of the subject property to the value of reasonable number of comparable properties to see if the subject property is being taxed unequally.

Is it necessary to protest every year ?

The law provides the right to protest every year and if value is reduced,appraisal district uses that reduced value as the base for next year assessment.So its a good idea to file protest every year.

Lowering my property value will lower the amount for which I can sell or refinance my property?

The selling price or loan amount is not related to taxable value.House buyer appraisers and lenders give no consideration to taxable value.

My taxes are the same. Why should I appeal ?

Even though you may not be paying extra taxes this year, you may still be overpaying every year.While appraisal value may not change,resale values continuously change. We might be able to lower your taxes.

How do I know my taxable value was reduced ?

After the hearing is finalized, The district provides us a hearing report reflecting the final value. This report is sent to you as documentation of reduction.

Can I do the hearing myself ?

Yes. But by hiring our company, you have the advantage of professional staff with knowledge of process and  database.Most taxpayers find appeal process time consuming and frustrating experience.It is a far better idea to have tax protest handled professionally.

What type of property does your company represent ?

We offer tax value review and appeal on all taxable property including gas station,apartments,shopping centers,office buildings,land,business property rendition and homes.

What is Homestead Exemption?

For every year that you have a homestead exemption,taxing authorities allows percentage reduction (18-20%) from your appraised value.As long as you have a exemption,the appraisal value of your home can only be increased maximum of 10% in any given year.

What are comparable properties?

Properties are comparable if they re similar in their grade,condition,age,size and usage.Closer the match,greater the weight given to the comparison.

Will appraisal district inspect my property ?

NO, unless you tell discrepancy in size and they need to measure.Appraisal districts are very busy during tax appeal season and don’t have time and staff to measure thousands of properties.

Protesting my property taxes probably will not be successful ?

Siddiqi & Associates reduced property taxes 90% of Harris County properties we represented.If you don’t have time to prepare & protest yourself,appoint us for BEST RESULTS.

My property is already reasonable value.It cannot be reduced further ?

Statistics show that most tax appeals,even those with below market, are reduced in value. Siddiqi & Associates un-equal appraisal technique greatly increases odds of a tax reduction.

What if my mortgage company pays my property taxes ?

Mortgage services collect taxes from you in advance and pay tax bills at the end of year. If actual taxes are more than amount escrowed, your house payment is increased to absorb the difference.If taxes are less than the amount escrowed, your mortgage  payment may be reduced or you may be refunded the difference. Either way, you can be rest assured,the money will end up in your wallet.

When is the deadline for property protest ?

The last day to file property protest is May 15 of each year.However if you have just received your notice of value,you may still have time.

If my tax assessment is reduced, can it be increased again by appraisal district the following year?

Yes. Sales activity in an area determines the frequency of reappraisal.

Is the information I provide to you confidential ?

All information provided to us remains confidential and is used only in cases supporting a tax reduction.

How can you reduce my value ?

Our experience with thousands of tax appeals give us best insight in how to reduce the value.The basic approach for commercial properties is to find helpful comparables sales, analyze income and expense of property, dissect district evidence, create an equity spreadsheet to compare your property value to matching properties.For residential properties,the process is mostly same except P & I analysis is not necessary.We understand the intricacies and complexities of appeal process and will use our knowledge and insight to AGGRESSIVELY challenge and persue lowest possible value allowed by law.