Residential Property

All you pay is a percentage of the savings we achieve for you.

No savings, no fee.

If you manage, operate, or own a HOME you are aware of how substantial the property taxes are. Siddiqi & Associates can represent your property in the protest process and achieve results that will save you money.

We will analyze your Residential property, and gather the necessary evidence to present a concise and effective protest in the appeals process. Protests will be filed on the basis of market value and equity. Properties are required to be valued according to the market, but must also be valued equally with other similar properties. The appropriate approaches to value will be utilized to represent your property and achieve fair and equitable taxation.

We will walk your property through the appeals process by:
· Filing a protest and representing your property at the informal and formal hearing level
· Analyzing your property, and determining the best approaches to success at the informal and formal hearing
· Seeking judicial appeal when necessary and mutually agreeable to the property owner
· Communicating results and information with you in a timely manner so that you are well informed about your property, and changes in the proposed property taxes